3 Ways to Engage Your Workforce

An engaged workforce is a major contributor of any organisation’s success and it is no different in aged care.  Such increases financial returns and improves care tremendously and keeps happy and loyal workforce.

A survey was conducted to figure out what are the main factors that help influence staff to engage in organisational strategies that benefits workers, providers and their patients.

Here are three ways to keep your entire workforce motivated and productive at work:

Recognising and Valuing their Work

No one wants to feel unappreciated and undervalued. Employing people to make them work hours on end and no consideration on their working conditions and/or opinion is the wrong way to go.

Aged care workers find these two factors very important since they are exerting all their efforts and energy towards the care of others and being undervalued and unappreciated will affect their motivation greatly.

Aged care providers need to focus on makingshutterstock_148295255 their staff feel not just as employees but as people. Involving them in collaborative strategies that will help them do their work better, listening to their input on what is important to them and taking action to work it out for them, and looking after their best interests are a few of the things aged care providers can do. Workers who feel confident that they are taken care of by the organisation work better and stay longer. Making them feel valued keeps them and will remain loyal to the cause.

Explaining their importance as part of the organisation’s success

Aged care providers must clearly layout to their staff how each of them contributes to the organisation’s success. From the start of employment it should be stated out clearly to them so they would be involved every step of the way towards this fulfillment.

Other key engagement factors are:

  • Points on how success will be measured and regular tracking of their progress
  • How their roles contribute to the organisation’s success
  • Clear and understandable objectives and success strategies

Regular annual performance reviews should always be done and appropriate rewards or recognition be given to those who excel motivates people to do better.

Keeping in mind that money is not always everything

Contrary to what everyone thought, money is not always the centre of everyone’s mind. Yes, we work because we need money. But we stay in a company or organisation because we are valued and recognised for a job well done, and remain loyal because we are happy at work.

Being appreciated in the form of rewards, which are not necessarily monetary, gives the same satisfaction and fulfillment as being given monetary compensation. If the organisation focuses on the people who work for them and give importance to them, it results in good performance, better working condition, and happy staff. In turn, it results to better service for clients/patients and, finally, success for everyone involved.