[NEWS] – New Website Launched!

It has been a crazy few months for us, however after:

  • 26 beta testers
  • 1287 shots of coffee
  • 4122 hours of design, development and testing
  • 32,344 hours of “test care” provided

We have finally launched our new website!To all our loyal users who have been giving feedback and patiently waiting, thank you. Your account has been migrated over to the new platform, your username and password will remain the same.


If you are having any problems logging in, please go to https://anytimecaring.com.au/auth/login and click on “I forgot my password” to be able to reset it. Alternatively you can reach out to us on live chat or via the contact us form – https://anytimecaring.com.au/contact.

We have made many major improvements including:

  • New server infrastructure
  • Additional safety and security measures in place for our community
    • Identify verification
    • SMS verification
    • ABN verification
  • New search algorithm to show best matched carers at the top of results
  • New real time messaging system and “meeting request” ability
  • The shift and payment functionality is final testing ready for a may release.

TO CELEBRATE, WE ARE HAVING SPECIAL PROMOTION FOR CARERS – We are giving one lucky carer 1 year of paying 0% service fee on the Anytime Caring platform. To go enter into the draw simply:

  1. Sign up before on our platform
  2. Complete your profile to 100%
  3. Put a post on our facebook page saying you have completed your profile

Good luck!